Competition Awards

Information for Entrants

About the Competition Awards

What Are the Award Criteria?

The award descriptions are as follows:

  • Merit—Consistently meets high standards in most areas. There may be a number of major or minor flaws, but the entry still exemplifies proficient technical communication.
  • Excellence—Consistently meets high standards in all areas. There may be a single major flaw and a few minor flaws. The entry clearly, though slightly imperfectly, exemplifies an exceptional understanding of technical communication principles.
  • Distinguished—Clearly superior in all areas. There are no major flaws, and few, if any, minor flaws. It is an outstanding example of technical communication principles.

Award Certificates and Mementos

If your entry receives a Merit, Excellence, or Distinguished award, then you receive up to three (3) free award certificates, one for each contributor for the entry. If you have more than three contributors, extra certificates are available for purchase for $15.00 USD.

If your entry receives Best of Show, then you receive one Best of Show (BOS) memento in addition to 3 free framed award certificates. Additional BOS mementos are available for purchase for $75.00 USD.

Order Forms for Additional Award Certificates and Mementos

Award Badges

You may download award badges to display on your website or publications from STC WDCB Competition Award Badges. The graphics are available in several file formats to identify your entry as award-winning.

Winners of competitions for 2008-2013 may download emblems from the Archived Competition Award Ribbons 2008-2013 page.
Winners of competitions for 1996-2007 may download emblems from the Archived Competition Award Buttons 1994-2007 page.
Last modified: June 16, 2019
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