Competition Call for Entries

Information for Entrants

Deadline: Look for this year's competition information in mid-September.

Call for Entries

Have you or your company produced technical communication products that you think are worthy of awards? Would you like your work to be recognized by your peers? This call for entries is your invitation to participate in the Washington, DC – Baltimore (WDCB) chapter's Technical Communication Competition.

Who is Eligible to Enter?

Anyone is eligible to submit entries. You do not have to be a member of STC. You can be a student or a professional. You may enter work as an individual or on behalf of a colleague or member of your department.

What Can Be Entered?

Entries are accepted providing all restrictions are met. The restrictions are listed in the Entry rules.

How Is the Competition Structured?

STC's chapter and regional technical communication competitions recognize and encourage excellence in online communication and technical publications. Our chapter competition receives entries from DC, Maryland, and Virginia, as well as from other states and from other countries. Washington, DC and Baltimore metropolitan area experts and some remote online judges gather to evaluate the entries in the competition. The judges provide written feedback on the strengths or weaknesses of each entry with reference to a standard in each category. The judges make recommendations that you may apply to future endeavors. Many entrants regard this feedback as a valuable part of their participation.

STC offers two levels of competition (up until 2018). The STC WDCB Technical Communication Competition is the first level of competition. The Society's International Summit Awards (ISA) competition is the final level of competition.

What's New This Year?

No International Summit Awards (ISA) Competition in 2019

The STC International Summit Awards (ISA) competition will not take place in 2019. Therefore, winners of the 2018-2019 STC WDCB Technical Communication Competition will not move on to another competition.

What Awards Are Given?

Three levels of recognition are awarded in each competition category. These awards, in descending order, are

  • Distinguished Technical Communication (DTC)
  • Excellence
  • Merit

These awards do not represent first, second, or third places, but instead are levels of accomplishment with reference to a standard in each category. See About the Competition Awards for award descriptions and how to order additional copies.

Competition progression badges -- chapter to STC ISA
Competition progression from chapter badges to ISA ribbons.

One Best of Show award is presented for the entire competition. WDCB winners of the DTC and Excellence awards qualify to continue on to STC's International Summit Awards Competition. (There are additional entry fees for STC's International Summit Awards Competition.)

To be eligible for entry into the International Summit Awards (ISA) in years it is held, an entry must win a Distinguished Technical Communication (DTC) or an Excellence award in a local competition. At the international level, the awards structure is the same as at the local level.

If your entry wins a chapter-level award, you will receive up to three (3) free award certificates, one for each contributor for the entry. If your entry receives Best of Show, you will receive a free engraved memento and up to three (3) free award certificates.

If there are more than 3 contributors, be sure you download and submit the Additional Contributors form (.doc) form with your entry. The additional contributors will be listed in the Awards Ceremony program. You may order additional certificates and engraved mementos for them. Order forms and prices are available from the About the Competition Awards page.

All chapter-level winners may display the appropriate Winner or Best of Show badge to identify your entry as award-winning. For details, see STC WDCB Competition Award Badges.

How Will I Be Notified?

All entries are acknowledged. Whether you win an award or not, you will receive the judges' evaluations of your entry. Note: While we strive to provide three judge's evaluations to all entrants, we cannot guarantee that each entry will receive three evaluations.

Winners in the local competition will be notified by email late January 2019. Award certificates will be presented at the chapter's Competition Awards Celebration (date to be announced) 2019. Winners who cannot attend the Awards Celebration will receive their certificates by mail.

Local and regional chapter competitions plan to list all winners on a page on the STC.ORG website in May.

Will My Entry Be Returned?

Your entry will not be returned to you unless you make special arrangements with the entries manager and provide adequate and prepaid packaging when you submit your entry.

Last modified: August 17, 2018
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