Competition Checklist

Information for Entrants

Deadline: has passed

Final Packaging Checklist

Before Packaging Your Entry or Entries, Did You…

  • Fill in the Entry Submission form completely, specifying:
    • The submitter's name?

      (Use the Entry Contributors from to list all contributors.)

    • The contributors' names exactly as they should appear on an award?
    • The entry title exactly as it should appear on an award?
    • A street address for correspondence?
    • An e-mail address for correspondence?
  • Fill in the Description of the Competition Entry completely, specifying:
    • The entry's title and category?
    • The purpose, target audience, production considerations, and related information?
    • The tools used and installation instructions for online entries?
  • List at least one contributor in the Entry Contributors form?
  • List additional contributors on the Additional Contributors form?
  • Fill the forms in online or print information neatly?
  • Sign your Entry form?
  • Keep one copy of all the forms for your records?

When Packaging Your Entry or Entries, Did You…

  • Ensure you have
    four (4) copies of your entry
    to send to the competitions?
  • If your entry has multiple parts (such as a folder with multiple brochures in it), consider enclosing each copy of the entry in its own envelope to ensure that all the parts are kept together for the judges. Also, on the entry form, list the parts that should be present.
  • If you must submit an entry without a part (such as a user manual that is missing a registration card), mention in the description of the entry that the part was deliberately not provided rather than overlooked.
  • Ensure you have the signed original and
    four (4) copies of all your entry forms
    ? (You will keep the fourth (4th) copy of the entry forms for yourself). Please print your entry forms using one side only of the page.
  • Attach the original signed Entry form, the Entry Contributors form, and Additional Contributors form (if applicable) to one of the four (4) copies of your entry?
  • Attach a copy of the Entry form to each of the remaining four copies of your entry?
  • Pack four (4) copies of your entry with the original signed entry form attached to one copy and does each of the remaining three (3) copies have a set of forms attached to it?
  • Include your check or a copy of the PayPal payment receipt with the signed original Entry form? (Credit card payments may be made through our secure PayPal link.) Make checks payable to Society for Technical Communication Washington, DC – Baltimore (WDCB) Chapter in U.S. funds? (Submissions without payment will not be accepted or returned. Purchase orders are not accepted. You may request an invoice if your organization requires it.)

    We accept payment by check (personal or business), money order, or PayPal. Using our PayPal competition payments account allows you to pay with a credit card. If you choose to pay with PayPal, be sure to enclose a copy of the receipt with your entry. Annotations on the receipt can be very helpful to ensure that we record your payment information accurately.

  • Include prepaid packaging if you want your entry returned to you?

When Sending Your Entry or Entries, Did You…

  • Send them to the following address?

    STC WDCB1STC WDCB Technical Communication Competition
    ℅ Lloyd Thompson-Taylor
    6198 Edsall Rd Apt 233
    Alexandria VA  22304

  • Arrange for them to arrive by the deadline?
  • Arrange for delivery confirmation if applicable?
Last modified: June 16, 2019
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