Competition International Award Ribbons

The WDCB Chapter is a proud member of the STC Alliance.

Information for Entrants

STC International Summit Awards Competition Ribbons

Winners of the STC international-level competition may use the STC International Summit Awards (ISA) award ribbons in resumes or company publications, on websites, or on reproductions of the winning piece. You may use these ribbons to promote your award. You may not use the STC logo itself. The international ribbons can not be used for chapter-level award winners. Chapters create their own emblems with similar design elements but they cannot incorporate the STC logo.

These ribbons may be used only by award winners at the Society-level International Summit Awards Competition.

The STC International Summit Awards Competition ribbons are available in (Macintosh) .eps, (tif) .eps, and .png formats. The EPS files are zipped.

STC International Competition Best of Show color ribbon BOS 338 by 243 pixels

STC International Competition Winner color ribbon Winner 338 by 243 pixels

STC International Summit Award logo
STC International Summit Awards logos 422 by893 pixels

Last modified: December 28, 2020
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