Competition Judges – Alliance 2020-2021

The WDCB Chapter is a proud member of the STC Alliance.

Information for Entrants and Judges

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The 2020-2021 STC Alliance Judges

Team Leader Judges

Name Photo Chapter
Susan Bigelow Photo of Susan Bigelow New York
Brian Dinterman Photo of Brian Dinterman Washington, DC-Baltimore
John Garison Photo of John Garison New England
Sue Heim Photo of Sue Heim Washington, DC-Baltimore
Marsi Fein Miller Photo of Marsi Fein Miller Washington, DC-Baltimore
Cindy Pao Photo of Cindy Pao South-Central Texas
Annette Reilly Photo of Annette Reilly Washington, DC-Baltimore
John Shea Photo of John Shea New York
Angela R. Trenkle Photo of Angela Trenkle Washington, DC-Baltimore
Name Photo Chapter
Jackie Damrau Photo of Jackie Damrau Washington, DC-Baltimore / Texas
Phoebe Forio Photo of Phoebe Forio Atlanta
Allison Gisinger Photo of Allison Gisinger Washington, DC-Baltimore
Carolyn Klinger Photo of Carolyn Kelley Klinger Washington, DC-Baltimore
Mike Nelson Photo of Mike Nelson New England
Shari Punyon Photo of Shari Punyon New York
Malu Schloss Photo of Malu Schloss New York
Mark Slusher Photo of Mark Slusher South-Central Texas
Bobbi Werner Photo of Bobbi Warner Rochester

Team Judges

Name Photo Chapter
Roberta Alderman Photo of Roberta Alderman Rochester
Susan Bedenham Photo of Susan Bedenham United Kingdom
Joelle Bullock Photo of Joelle Bullock Atlanta
Frances Gambino Photo of Frances Gambino New York
Liz Herman Photo of Liz Herman Washington, DC-Baltimore
Steven Jong Photo of Steven Jong New England
Russell Kirkscey Photo of Russell Kirkscey Washington, DC-Baltimore
Jack Labriola Photo of Jack Labriola Atlanta
Scott McCoy Photo of Scott McCoy New York
Aiessa Moyna Photo of Aiessa Moyna New York
Zohra Mutabanna Zohra Mutabanna Dallas
Ann Pillman Photo of Ann Pillman Rochester
Tavia Record Photo of Tavia Record Washington, DC-Baltimore
Beth Sellers Photo of Beth Sellers South-Central Texas
Howard Speck Photo of Howard Speck Atlanta
Filonna Thomas Photo of Filonna Thomas Michigan
Erin Beal Welch Photo of Erin Beal Welch Washington, DC-Baltimore
Nina Winer Photo of Nina Winer New York
Name Photo Chapter
E. Jonathan Arnett Photo of Jonathan Arnett Atlanta
Richard Bogacz Photo of Richard Bogacz Washington, DC-Baltimore
Donna Cuyle Photo of Donna Cuyle Rochester
Dayna Hebermehl Photo of Dayna Hebermehl Atlanta
Jessica Hitchcock Photo of Jessica Hitchcock Atlanta
Patricia Kardian Photo of Patricia Kardian Washington, DC-Baltimore
Elizabeth Kraczon Photo of Elizabegth Kraczon Atlanta
Beth A. Martin Photo of Beth Martin Washington, DC-Baltimore
Sharon Metzger Photo of Sharon Metzger New England
Marie Mukarusine Photo of Marie Mukarusine Atlanta
Tom Myers Photo of Tom Myers New York
Brett Peruzzi Photo of Brett Peruzzi New England
Tim Rahn Photo of Tim Rahn Washington, DC-Baltimore
Karen Rempel Photo of Karen Rempel New York
Evalyn M Shea Photo of Evalyn M Shea South-Central Texas
Beth W. Thomerson Photo of Beth Thomerson New England
Jonathon Wilson Photo of Jonathon Wilson New York
Rebecca Young Photo of Rebecca Young Washington, DC-Baltimore
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