Competition Judges – Alliance 2022-2023

The WDCB Chapter is a proud member of the STC Alliance.

Information for Entrants and Judges

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The 2022-2023 STC Alliance Judges

Team Leader Judges

Name Photo Chapter
Jackie Damrau Head shot of Jackie Damrau. Washington, DC-Baltimore / Texas
Sue Heim Head shot of Sue Heim. Washington, DC-Baltimore
Mike Nelson Head shot of Mike Nelson. New England
Annette Reilly Head shot of Annette Reilly. Washington, DC-Baltimore
Angela R. Trenkle Head shot of Angela Trenkle. Washington, DC-Baltimore
Name Photo Chapter
Allison Gisinger Head shot of Allison Gisinger. Washington, DC-Baltimore
Scott McCoy Head shot of Scott McCoy. New York
Mark Slusher Head shot of Mark Slusher. South-Central Texas
Shari Punyon Head shot of Shari Punyon. New York
Ann L. Wiley Head shot of Ann L. Wiley. Rochester

Team Judges

Name Photo Chapter
Ugur Akinci Head shot of Ugur AQkinci. Washington, DC-Baltimore
Susan Bedenham Head shot of Susan Bedenham. United Kingdom
Richard Bogacz Head shot of Richard Bogacz. Washington, DC-Baltimore
Michael Catacutan Head shot of Michael Catacutan. New York
Phoebe Forio Head shot of Phoebe Forio. Atlanta
John Garison Head shot of John Garison. New England
Susan Kelley Head shot of Susan Kelley. New York
Jo Ann McIntire Head shot of Jo Ann McIntire. Atlanta
Malu Schloss Head shot of Malu Schloss. New York
Nina Winer Head shot of Nina Winer. New York / Israel
Name Photo Chapter
Nikita Apraj Head shot of Nikita Apraj. New York
Patricia Bochey Head shot of Patricia Bochey. Mooresville, NC
Joelle Bullock Head shot of Joelle Bullock. Atlanta
Christine Christensen Head shot of Christine Christensen. Rochester
Frances Gambino Head shot of Frances Gambino. New York
Joseph Luther Jeyaraj Head shot of Joseph Luther Jeyaraj. New York
Becki Lee Head shot of Becki Lee. Washington, DC-Baltimore
Tom Myers Head shot of Tom Myers. New York
Jamye Sagan Head shot of Jamye Sagan. South-Central Texas
Kim Wallace Avatar for JKim Wallace. South-Central Texas
Rebecca Young Head shot of Rebecca Young. Washington, DC-Baltimore
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